Jumpstart MLM Business Analysis

Jason Wells & Chris Lopez will personally analyze your MLM Business.

The Program & How It Works

Many MLM distributors love MLM, their company, and are putting in effort required, yet they are not seeing their business grow! The Jumpstart MLM Business Analysis program was created to help people who are committed to growing their business, but are "spinning their wheels."

Our consulting program will do extensive analysis of your business's key areas:

  • Your method for acquiring customers.

  • Your method recruiting distributors.

  • Your training program and strategy.

  • All websites, ads and marketing funnels you're using.

  • Your company's compensation plan to help you maximize it.

  • Your personal productivity and business building habits.

This allow us to see what's working and what's not working for you in your MLM business. Typically we find that most MLM distributors are putting in enough effort and time, but have "breaking points" in their business building processes and strategies that are causing them to "spin their wheels" and not achieve success.

Once the analysis is complete we'll work with you too create a plan and fix the "breaking points" in your business. We won't give you an earful of "Just stay positive, keep talking to people and take action" nonsense. No... We're very hands-on and will "roll up our sleeves" in helping you work through all the details and kinks.

The program includes:

  • Six 45 minute coaching sessions (They'll be recorded so you can review later!)

  • Unlimited email support between the coaching sessions.

  • Direct help and attention from both Chris and Jason.

  • A clear strategy built around our "business common sense" style to help you build your business.

The Jumpstart MLM Business Analysis is results oriented. Expect to have your comfort zone pushed in order to grow your business!

Get Started

The first step to get started is to pay for and schedule your initial appointment to determine if it "makes sense" for us to help you.

That initial consultation is $97 and will be applied to the price of the program which is $697 should we take your case.

Initial Consultation


The second step to get started is determining in the initial consultation if we can assist you.

Should we take your case, we'll apply the initial consultation amount paid to the total program and collect payment for that and setup your first 45 minute coaching session.

Program Price


The total program is $697. Understand that the initial consultation is to compensate us for our time in determining if we can help you with your MLM business.