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An MLM Lead Discussion

What we learned years ago about lead companies was actually born out of a need we encountered in our own network marketing organization.

See, we started out as new network marketers and then new leaders trying to provide leads to our own downline, some 10-odd years ago. We ran a pretty successful network marketing business with a worldwide downline.

We can't remember how many lead companies we went through, but it was a lot. We had no problem with teaching people how to recruit new team members: Once we got them through the training, we knew they could recruit new team members.

But in most cases, people would struggle, because the leads would be "good" for at first, then after a while (usually a couple of months), the lend vendors would start sending us leads that were absolute crap; and it didn't take a genius to figure out why...

The companies were seeing dollar signs when they would come across an organization of our size (all the lead sales they could get out of our downline, because we have a big organization) and they would send us their best internet traffic; once they got us "hooked" and our team exposed to the good traffic, they would start sending the usual garbage leads they sent everyone. This happened over and over, until we got fed up.

Have you ever had a lead answer the phone only to yell at you that "you're the 5th or 15th person to call?" There are people out there who put their information in 10 different forms online, but that's pretty rare (despite what the lead company tells you.) What is really happening? They are sharing the leads with 5, 10, or more people like you. Yet, when you complain to them, they say, "it's the people. They fill out more than one form and they are confused." In our testing, we have found that generally to be false. Bottom line, why is it the leads we generate ourselves (that are exclusive to lead for one person) never present this problem for us?

Really, what causes this is pretty interesting. There are really only a few real lead vendors in the entire industry that actually generate the leads themselves. The vast majority of companies out there are resellers or affiliates of the real lead vendors.

Typically a true lead vendor (who generates their own leads and are not an affiliate or reseller) will only sell the their leads 2 or 3 times. That's reasonable, but once they sell the lead to a reseller or affiliate they no longer have control over that lead. The reseller will often sell that lead a couple times and sometimes even to another reseller!

You can probably see how easily it can mushroom from 2 or 3 people into 15 or 20. You call to complain and everyone points the finger at everyone else.

So you're left there with an over-called lead who now blames you.

Have you ever called a purchased lead and the person has no idea who you are and doesn't even remember requesting information? Now believe it or not, we have found (through our own testing) that some lead vendors have sold leads that got from the phone book or some list. But really, that's not what is happening in most cases to cause the "I have no idea who you are and why you are calling" lead.

Most purchased leads come from "Co-Reg" or Co-registration. What's that?

Co-Reg is when a person is registering or signing up for something online and they also register for other things at the same time. As the person is registering they are required to check 3 or 5 boxes of other areas of interest (Everything from Automobiles to Yoga) BEFORE they can move onto the next page.

Guess what one of the boxes is? Yup, "Work from home" is on there (or "make money from home", etc). So without even realizing it, the person who was registering for a free email account is now a "Hot Home Based Business Lead."

Now do you see why often times they have no idea who you are when you call?

In a perfect world, you could conclude that you just need to generate your own leads, right? You just need to create a website and advertise, right? Well, that's where these attraction marketing, lead marketing funnels, and all the other similar garbage cropped up and these lead generation systems are dying one by one as each marketing platform bans their use. In the real world, when you find a "simple" tool that allows anyone to set up a website with a few simple clicks and a little bit of content, you've got to know that it's too good to be true.

For a long time, these marketing platforms worked for people, and frankly, it leveled the playing field and took the competitive advantage from us for a while, BUT we knew that this would last only so long with our knowledge of the marketing platforms. Then it happened..."the Google Slap" (as the phrase has been coined) destroyed all of these lead generation systems for a multitude of reasons. These platforms violate so many rules in Google's policies that we don't have time (nor will we share our knowledge anyways) to discuss here.

The big thing after the Google Slap was for these "marketing gurus" in network marketing to say things like: "Google is dead for network marketers; the big thing now is Facebook." Then Facebook became the next big thing. The problem is that Facebook is starting to ban these same platforms, because advertising MLM on Facebook is against policy.

Let's look at what caused Google (and other sites) to "Slap" so many MLM websites. In late 2009, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) concluded "Operation Short Change" which cracked down on online scammers because so many people were getting scammed out of money online. To avoid any potential legal issues Google and many other sites cracked down on scammers.

Yes, we know MLM is NOT a scam. While Google was cracking down they also revised many of their advertising rules and policies. Google wanted to make sure it was still delivering good search results to the person searching for information. The standard practice that many MLM and affiliate people did was to just advertise the same capture or sales page with a different affiliate ID embedded in there.

Often times many different ads would link to the exact same website! What benefit does that give to the searcher? Not much. In addition, many practices used by these lead generation systems made searching on Google unsafe for their users.

This policy change really improved Google's search results. But it did remove a lot of the MLM people who did not have unique content or were not providing any value to the searcher.

Most MLM people never took the time to learn the underlying skills of marketing and advertising (believe it not, you probably know more than most after reading this - seriously). They just ran around and marketed this website that some course told them too.

You want to work with leaders who are real marketers. We still generate leads and we do it safely for the web searcher and really match people who are looking for what we have to offer.

What is the common sense approach to business when it comes to marketing your business? It's setting up a marketing plan that works for your business i.e. considering what area you live in, your competitive advantage, tapping into the resources available to you. Lead company leads and lead generation systems don't do this. It's a one size fits all approach which doesn't work.

We became fascinated (some might say "obsessed") with marketing as it relates to the network marketing business model. We had seen first-hand what was possible with an effective (and compliant) marketing campaign, and we wanted to immerse ourselves in it, master it, and figure out how to teach it to others.

Soon after, we shut down all the lead company connections and relationships, and set out to learn everything we could on the subject.

Looking back, getting good at marketing for our network marketing businesses hurt our income in the short term (because we had to put so much focus and energy into it that it affected our production), but as we look at the long-term approach we have always taken, we realize the advantage we have over others out there especially after the Google Slap and Facebook rules brought most network marketers to their knees.

Doesn't it make sense to work with network marketing leaders who are Certified Adwords Professionals?

You can verify that Jason Wells and Chris Lopez are AdWords Certified with Google, Inc. by clicking on their names.

You wouldn't believe how many network marketers contact us and say "how is your website still up on Google after months and months?" That tells us three things:

First, they have been stalking and tracking us for a while (which is kind of funny to us).

Second, it shows us how little these people in network marketing know.

Third, and most importantly, it shows how little these so-called "gurus" of MLM online marketing know about compliance, rules, and what a REAL business owner must do to advertise on the internet. We say this because, the people we speak with all tell us what they do in their marketing and who they learned it from. We can tell you now that this information is wrong nearly all of the time.

We have even heard people out there in network marketing (including the gurus) say things like:

"Google hates MLM."

"Using Google is a dead strategy for MLM businesses..."

"Google is dead; Facebook is the new gold mine for MLM businesses..."

What is our response to this?

False. Google has no policy against MLM; it's just that 99% of network marketing marketers violate their rules.

False. It still works for us; why eliminate a high percentage of advertising real estate based on ignorance?

False. What's ironic is that Facebook is the platform that has direct policy against advertising MLM opportunities...

Here's the bottom line: we spent over a year and over $15,000 researching and making the necessary changes to our marketing so we could be in compliance with Google and other marketing platforms after the changes that hit in 2009.

Who is that committed and has those kind of resources committed to their downline other than us? No one. Period.

Hopefully, you can see the value of working with leaders who know what they are talking about and why having the proper credentials matters.

What's the Solution To Generating MLM Leads?

It's for you become a real marketer.

Everyone always ask us, "How did you become real marketers?" We did what 99% of network marketers are unwilling to do: We busted our butts, we constantly tested strategy after strategy, we hired consultants when needed, and we had the "I'll do whatever I need to" attitude. There is no shortcut or cookie cutter path to becoming a real marketer.

So stop wasting time and money on lead company leads and on the 'magic bullet' attraction marketing courses. Invest in yourself by becoming a real marketer!

Since you're reading this page, you're probably serious about becoming a real marketer and generating leads for your MLM business.

It's impossible for us to recommend what you need to do in order to move your marketing forward without talking with you personally and reviewing your website and marketing materials.

If you're stuck and want to move your marketing forward, then setup a marketing consultation immediately.

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